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The genetically modified enzybiotic, named CHAPSH3b , constructed by Domains Assembly strategy, improve the lytic activity.
With  CHAPSH3b
  Sequence Length:  259 AA.
  Mass:  29220.7 Da.
  Isoelectric Point:  10.21
  Function:  increased CHAP activity against both, S. aureus Sa9 and S. aureus MRSA N315 strains, for 64-fold


GM0009, constructed by Domains Assembly strategy.
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GM0009[1-156]: derive from protein B7T0E8 sequence 475-634

B7T0E8, 634 AA., the Gp58 from Staphylococcus phage phiSauS-IPLA88

Source: Staphylococcus phage phiSauS-IPLA88

Domains and repeats

15-149:  IPR007921, the CHAP domain
483-629:  IPR013338, the Lysozyme domain, subfamily 2

GO term prediction

Biological Process:  0009253, the peptidoglycan catabolic process
Biological Process:  0044036, the cell wall macromolecule metabolic process
Molecular Function:  0004040, the amidase activity?
Molecular Function:  0016787, the hydrolase activity?

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GM0009[156-261]: derive from protein P10547 sequence 411-485

P10547, 493 AA., the Lysostaphin from Staphylococcus simulans

Source: Staphylococcus simulans

Domains and repeats

239-382:  IPR011055, the Duplicated hybrid motif?
411-481:  IPR003646, the SH3-like domain, bacterial-type
278-367:  IPR003646, the Peptidase M23?

GO term prediction

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: EAD, CHAP domain, derived from phage vB_SauS-phiIPLA88 (phiIPLA88)PG hydrolase(HydH5);
: CBD, SH3b domain, derived from lysostaphin;
Domain and repeats:
: IPR003646,SH3-like domain, bacterial-type;
: IPR013338,Lysozyme domain, subfamily 2;
GO term prediction:
0016787, the hydrolase activity
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  1.  Expressed by pET24a in E. coli BL21(DE3),  Purified by NiNTA nickel column chromatography (Qiagen, Valencia, CA).


  1.  lytic activity test on Staphylococcus aureus (live S. aureus Sa9 cells ) by the turbidity-reduction assays
  showed specific activity of 0.109 ∆OD600nm min-1µM-1


  1. Lorena Rodriguez-Rubio, Beatriz Martinez, Ana Rodriguez1, David M. Donovan, and Pilar Garc¨ªa. (2012) Enhanced staphylolytic activity of the Staphylococcus aureus bacteriophage vB_SauS-phiIPLA88 HydH5 virion associated peptidoglycan hydrolase: fusions, deletions and synergy with LysH5. Appl. Environ. Microbiol.. 4431-2:32-41. [doi:10.1128/AEM.07621-11] [PMID:22267667] [FULL TEXT]
  2. Rodriguez-Rubio, L.Martinez, B.Donovan, D. M.Garcia, P.Rodriguez, A.. (2013) Potential of the virion-associated peptidoglycan hydrolase HydH5 and its derivative fusion proteins in milk biopreservation. PLoS One. 01:e54828. [doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0054828] [PMID:23359813] [FULL TEXT]


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