LAMP2: An update to LAMP database linking antimicrobial peptide.

Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) are genetically ancient members of innate defense systems. AMPs are attractive moleculars for clinical development: they can be sythesizes easily, kill drug-resistant bacteria and have a rapid antimicrobial mechanism.

a database linking AMPs, is an integrated open-access database. It has been created with an objective to provide a useful resource and tools for AMP studies. AMPs in LAMP are short, of less than 100 amino acid residues and include natural, synthetic and predicted AMPs. AMPs in LAMP had been grouped into three catalogs by data source: experimental, predicted, and patent. To ensure data quality, we limited the source of information to authoritative public databases and published scientific literature, as well as patents.

LAMP also supplies a user-friendly web interface, so that users can easily query and retrieve information on AMPs. A concise navigational interface that contains the database browse, search, tools, statistical information, guide and links, were designed to generate a clearly structured database layout that enables fast and easy navigation. The interface of LAMP is easy to use and allows users to rapidly retrieve data according to their desired search criteria and blast the database for homologous sequences. A complete documentation of the database features and tools can be accessed from the Guide.The database will be updated monthly with additional sequences.

LAMP2, an update to LAMP database linking antimicrobial peptide. LAMP2 currently holds 23253 AMP sequences, including 7824 natural and 15429 synthetic AMPs.

Funds :
This work has been partly funded by as below:
1. National Mega-project for Innovative Drugs (grant 2019ZX09721001);
2. The plan 2012 for Science and technology innovation action of Shanghai, China (grant 12DE1940500);
3. ‘Yangtze river delta’ joint scientific and technological project of China (grant 10495810600);

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