Record in detail

General Info

  •   lamp_id:L01A003147
      Source:Psalmopoeus cambridgei
      Sequence Length:33
      Isoelectric Point:8.12
      Function:Possess strong antiplasmodial activity against the intra-erythrocyte stage of P.falciparum in vitro. IC(50) for inhibiting P.falciparum growth is 1.59 uM. Interacts with infected and healthy erythrocytes. Does not lyse erythrocytes, is not cytotoxic to nucleated mammalian cells, and does not inhibit neuromuscular function. Has neither antibacterial nor antifungal activity.


  •   Cross-linking
  •   1  Database:SWISS  P0C201
  •   2  Database:CAMP  3147

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  •   Domains

  •     No domains found on LAMP database
  •   Structures
  •   1


  •   Antibacterial Activities

  •     No MICs found on LAMP database


  •   Toxicity

  •     No toxicity records found on LAMP database


  •   Reference
  •   [1]  Camadro J.-M.,Guette C.,Chagot B.,Choi S.-J.,Pimentel C.,
  •   Title:Solution structure of PcFK1, a spider peptide active against Plasmodium falciparum.
  •   Journal:Protein Sci.,2006,(15):628-634  [PubMed:16452619]
  •   [2]  Delarbre C.,Deregnaucourt C.,Guillaume C.,Parent R.,Choi S.-J.,
  •   Title:Isolation and characterization of Psalmopeotoxin I and II: two novel antimalarial peptides from the venom of the tarantula Psalmopoeus cambridgei.
  •   Journal:FEBS Lett.,2004,(572):109-117  [PubMed:15304333]


  •   Comments
  •   [1]  ?????????? ??????? ? 1,0 : 1,5 ?????. ???? ? ??? ????????? ??? ??? ???? – ????, ???????, ?????? (???????????), ???????????, ????????? ??????????? ???????? ??????? ??????????? ??????????? ??? ?????????? ??????. ????????? ?? ????? ???????? ??????? ? ???? ???????. ?????? ??????????? ??????? (?? ????? 4 ??); ??? ???????? ???? ? ???????? ?????????, ??????????? ?????????? ? ?? ???? ?????????????? ?????. ????? ???????? ?????????? ? ???????????????? ??????. [url=]??????????? ?????? ?????? ? ??????.[/url] ???????? ?????? ????????????. ????? ????? ???????? ???? ???????? ?? ??, ??? ?????????????? ????????? ???????????? ????. ????? ??????? ??? ???? ??????? ????????? ?? ???????????, ?????? ?????? ?????????, ? ????????? ????????? ? ????? ? ??????? ??????????? ?????? ????????????? ? ????? ??????. ????????? ???????? (?????) ? ????????? (??????????? . ???????????? ????????? ????? ???? ? ?????????? ????????? (???????? ??????, ??????????? ??? ??????? ?????????, ??????????? ???????? ????????? ???? ? ?. [url=]????????? ???????????? ?????? ? ? ??????.[/url] ????????? ??????? ? ???????????? ????????? ???????????? ?????? ??????. ??????? ??????????? ? ??????????? ???? ?????? ?????????? ???????? ????. ??? ????? ??????, ??? ??????????? ??????. ?????? : 500 x 1500 => 550 x 1550.??? ??????????????? ??????????? ?????? ??????. ???????? ????????????? ?? ?????? ???????? ?? ???????? ????. ???? ?? ????????? ??????? ?????? ???? ??????? ?????: ??? ??????? (??????? ?????? ??? ?????? ?????????) ??????? ???, ??? ??? ????????????????? ??????: i ?????? ??? k ??????. ?????: ?????? ?????? ????????????? ? ? ?????? ????????? ???????????? ?????? ? ? ?????? ??????? ?? ???????????? ?????? ? ? ?????? ?????? ????????????? ???? ? ?????? ?????? ????????????? ????????? ?????? ??????? ?? ???????????? ?????? ? ?????? ????????? ? ?????? ????????????? ? ?????? ?????? ??????????? ???? ?????? ???????????? ? ? ?????? ?????? ????????????? ? ? ?????? ?????? ????????????? ???????? ? ?????? ?????? ??????????? ???? ?????? ???????????? ? ??????
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  •   ----   at  2018-07-10 20:21:27
  •   [5]  [b]??????? ????? ??????? ??????? m a l[/b] [url=][IMG][/IMG][/url] [url=][b]???????? ????? ???????[/b][/url] [url=][b][color=red]???????? ????? ???????[/color][/b][/url] [url=][b][color=green]???????? ????? ???????[/color][/b][/url] ???????? ??????? ? ??????????? ????? ? ???????, ?????????? ?????? ??????? ? ?????? ? ???????. ????? ?????? ?????? ????? "?????? ? ????"2018??????????????, ??????, ?????????????????:???????: 17 ? ????, ?? ??, ?????? ??????? ? ?????? ? ???? ? 16 ??????? 2018 ????.????? ?? ???????? ????? ???????-??????? ? ????65 ??????????. 28 Apr 2018 - 46 sec ?????? ?????? ??????? ???? ???. ????????????. ?????? 364??????????? ?????? ?????? ???? 2:22:41. ?????? ???? 3. ??????????? ??????, ????? ???? O Clone ??? ?????: 1-250 ????? 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Netflix ??????? ?19 ???????? 201713:40Google ????????? ????-?? ?????? ???? ?????. 31 Jan 2018 - 168 min??????? ????? 2017????? ???? ?????12-? ??????? (2017)???????? ?????? ??????? (????? 2018).??????? 2018 ???????? ?????? ????????? ??? ??????????? mkv.??????? ??????? ?????? ??????? 2018 ???? ??????? ???????? ? ???????, ???????? ? ?????! 7 May 2018 - 2 min - Uploaded by Doctor Belaz Published on May 7, 2018. ??????? (????. Loving Pablo), (18+). ??????:????????, ???????. ???????? ?????? ? hd ????????? ???????? ?????? ?????2018 ?1 ,.????., ???????????????? 2018 14 ???? 2018 ??????? 2017 ???????? ?????????? ? ??? ?? ?????? ???????? ?????? ?????? ????? ?????????? ??????? ????? ?????? ? 18 ???? 2018 10:24. 2016 ??? - ???????????? ?????? - ????..63112263. ???: 2016. ??????: ???"???????????????" ?????????? ????? ? ??????????. ????? ??????? 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  •   ----   at  2018-07-09 11:52:12
  •   [6]  [b]???? ????? 2018 d y k[/b] [url=][IMG][/IMG][/url] [url=][b]???????? ????? ????[/b][/url] [url=][b][color=red]???????? ????? ????[/color][/b][/url] [url=][b][color=green]???????? ????? ????[/color][/b][/url] ????: ???????, ???????? ???? ???????? ??, ????? ?? ????? ???????? ?? ????????? ?????????: ????,??????? ?. (??????)- 20:57:. ???? — Manager 99. ?????????? ????? ?????? ?????? ????. ????? ? ????????????? ?????????????? ? ???????????? ?????????, ?????, ???????? ?? ?????? ??? ?????????62?????????? ?????????? ????? ?????? ????????. ??????? ????? ?????? ???????????? ???????????, ?????? ? 2012 ????.5 ???? ??????? ???? 2018 ????: ??? ??????????? ????? ???????? 2 Feb 2018 - 40 min20172018. 5,0200920182015201820162018?????? ????? 1????? 114 ?????????? ???????, ??????????? ?????, 55 ?? ???????? ????? (????). ???????: ??. - ??.: ? 10:00 ?? 18:00. ??. - ??.: ? 10:00 ?? 19:00. ??.: ????????. 19 ???. 2018 ?. - ????? ??????? ?????????????? "????" ????? ??????? ????????? ?????????.? ???????? ????????? ???????????? ??? ????????? ????81-?,? ?? ??, ??? ??? ??? ????????????, ????? ?????????, ???????, ???????? ?????.? ????? ????????? ?? ????????????????????????. ???????? (1996) Matilda ???????? ?????? ? ??????? ???????? HD ?? ???????? ?????? ??????? ??????? 2018, ???????? 2018, 3 ???. 2018 ?. - ???????? ???????:??????????? ?? ????? - ????? ???? 2018 (?????? ? ????!)???????? ??? ? ?? ???? ???? 2018 10. 3 ?????????. 00:39?????????? ???????? (????? 2018) ???????? ?????? ????????????? ?????????. May 19, 2018 - 3 min - Uploaded by i Videos?????? ??????? ?????? ???? 2018 ??????????? ???????? ? ???????,???????? ? ?????! ?????????? ?????? ?0:002 ??????: ???. ????????: ????? ???. ? ?????: ???? ????????, ????? ?????, ???? ????, ???? ??????, ???? ????????, ?????? ????, ???? ???????? 28 May 2014 - 1 min ?????: ????????1 ??? ? 18:58 0410901:29. ????????4. ????????.?????????? ?? ?????. ?????????? E3 Ubisoft Store ?????? 76. ???? ???????? ????? ?????? ??? ??????? ??????? 2018 ????????? ? HD ???????? ??? ??? ??????? ??????? (????? 2018) ???????? ?????? ?????? ????? - "????? ? ????" ???????? - 54. ??? ???????????, ?????????. ???????? ?????? ?????? 65 ????? - ?????? ? ??????? ???????? ?? ?????????.??????, ?????? ???? ?? ?????????? ??? ?????. ???????? ????? ?????????? ?????????????? ????? 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  •   [96]  Jemma22 September 2012Michael I have just read all of your blog entries in one go (having read none befroe) and I must say it was more interesting and entertaining than most books I have read. Please blog more. We miss you guys xx
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